Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some 2nd Residency Work + Artist Statement

“unblinking glimpses into the murkiest waters of the psyche”

(Robert Storr, 2001, on Louise Bourgeois’ work)


By scratching, hiding, tearing, staining, sandwiching, revealing, scavenging, stitching,
gluing, painting, texturing, poking, drowning and ripping materials, I have attempted
to create a fertile ground reminiscent of Jung’s “collective unconscious’’. The richness
of its layered landscape hopefully evokes psychological associations. Painted fabrics
wrapped around a bucket form a pool of psychic “stuff”. Water, a potent layer, is added
along with floating hair.

Is it a vessel carrying the essence of something? Of someone? Of an archetype?

In some ways I see them as three-dimensional Mandalas.

“Portraits of Portals”:

“Veiling the Veiled Woman” was my response to the notion of deconstructing my self-
portraits. As a result, hybrid creatures have emerged from the wreckage. By layering
orifices and eyes, openings and Mandalas, I have created portraits of portals.

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