Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some of the feedback in Residency 2

Laurel Sparks:
“I think that your paintings and objects belong in the same space
together. The witch cats are incredible and I think you should keep
painting them - like the portrait and its association with imagination and
the archetype.”

Sunanda Sunyal:
“The vessel is a metaphor for woman’s receptivity – the implication is
passive, at least historically... I see these buckets as having a presence
and that is empowering and I think the discussion of abstraction and
studio, is not completely unrelated to your central concerns of femininity.
You’re forgetting the most obvious, who’s making this? It’s a woman as
an artist in control of the studio process.”

Peter Rostovsky:
"‘Visions of Excess’ by Georges Bataille – a Surrealist deals with the
abjection of the body, the stuff that’s lowly and formless, the monsterous
and ridiculous on a certain level and how they enter the sublime
and the numinous and what distinguishes them from beauty is the

Lynne Tillman:
“It’s interesting when you talk about narrative, because you can’t draw
from a specific cultural narrative. I can understand you being drawn to
spiritual philosophies.”

Jan Avgikos:
“ I don’t even understand these as male or female but some space that’s
more ambient or protean, shape-shifting more of a Cyborg. Have you
read anything by Donna Harraway? It has to do with hybrid, colonisations
that might be stretching back and have migrated from the ancient to the
present or ritualistic or things that don’t necessarily obey the idioms of
contemporary life.”

Michael Newman:
“I like the materiality of the buckets and working on that could be
interesting. Seeing them as portals and mirrors, putting oil and other
stuff in them to see where that takes you. I think they’re almost
more interesting as photographs than objects. It’s almost like reading
tealeaves. ”

Tony Apesos:
Look at: Julia Kristeva; ‘Formless’ by Yves-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss – the collapsed, lost
form; Dichotomy of mushy and spiritual discussed beautifully in ‘Antigone’; Mathew Barney exploring male stereo-stypes – uses Vaseline to comment on the phallic obsession with sperm; ‘Beauty’ by Roger Scruton; ‘The Sticky Sublime’ by Bill Beckley; ‘The Power of the Centre’ – Rudolf Arnheim; ‘The Mandala’ - Jung

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