Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Excerpt from Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev Semester 3 report

In her Semester summary and Artist’s statement, she stated that her work this semester has been primarily about experimenting with and developing the layering of sound and image in her video work in order to explore the subversive and the occult. She has also experimented in displaying her work in unconventional ways and has systematically looked at issues related to Sound, Image, content and display with her mentor, mostly working on videos to be displayed on a small scale, inside labyrinthine boxes on reflective objects.

In her transcripts of meetings with her mentor Janet Cardiff, she discussed how different sounds combine together in a work, as well as how to achieve more intimacy in the work by experimenting with her recording devices (cameras) through for example, articulating light and shadow, focus and out of focus, to keep the photographed objects in mystery. She also discussed how to push the erotic qualities of the works and suggested to Assya that she read Angela Carter...

All in all, I think Assya is a dedicated artist and a serious student, who has been researching, reading, thinking, and making art with a sense of the importance of feminist issues, focusing on seclusion and self-seclusion that pertain to the cultural contexts within which she lives and balances contemporary theory, artistic practice and hidden, veiled politics.

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