Monday, February 4, 2013

Residency 3 Feedback

“I think the time-based project was a lot more successful than your images… You are actually using the male stereotypes of the witch… Increase the fiction but in a more embodied way, without eliminating the gothic, it could be about shaping and molding the spaces that people experience...”

“You might think about setting up an installation of video and objects where you ‘trap’ the audience in a “psychological” space… Get focused for your thesis and the other things will show through in the work anyway... I think your work has the possibility of doing one thing and another at the same time.”

“My impression is that you have some very rich ideas and some rich images but you don’t have a thesis yet… As images they are extremely captivating, if you have five of them in a row, they draw you and you go them like in a trance… what is not clear to me is what the captivation is about and on what grounds I’m standing conceptually… you’re claiming camp but you are not playful enough”

 “I think you need rooms or channels with your archetypes to go into the space with them… theatre is going to be important… have an installation with video projections but also a space in the dark lit with candles so that you’re really camping it up … keep negotiating how cheesy you want to make your work, find your edge and then push past it… ”

“ Having the object at the cross between performance art sculpture and spirituality [is] a very strong thing… you have to think unconventionally how to display the work…”

“The audio (of the animation) was doing two different things, the clicking was intimate/bodily and the thud was outside in the world so you created two different spaces… Instead of having the symbolic or aesthetic of the mysticism you can have objects that embody it… the animation was a richer work with more metaphor and layering”

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