Sunday, September 16, 2012


"One must go beyond logic in order to experience what is large in what is small."
Gaston Bachelard on miniature in his book 'The Poetics of Space'

 I am currently working on a smaller scale, in order to create a collection of objects, which may have some ambiguous references to artifacts one finds in a museum. The idea is, by having historical connotations, to visually evoke a sense of the collection’s integrity, as a starting point from which the viewer is hopefully inspired to create a narrative. I have always been interested in authors like Erich Von Däniken and Graham Hancock, who challenge the conventional account of the historical evolution of humankind. With the recent discovery of a new humanoid species in a Chinese cave dating between 14,500 and 11,500 years ago (see paper 1, semester 2) it is interesting to witness firsthand, something seemingly fictitious defy something one learns to accept as ‘scientific’ fact. Working on a small-scale collection, which would ideally be presented in a way where it is remote and inaccessible (like in a museum), creates a sense of mystery, opening up the possibilities of interpreting its narrative.

Middle row, right: the lovely Naseem Kapasi who guided and helped me technically

Technical process: Using stoneware clay cone 10, drying, turning/trimming on wheel, bisque firing cone 04 at 1040° C, drawing with black slip/glazing with Intense Gloss Glaze with ash blue accents and glass, firing cone 8/10 at 1200° C.

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