Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work in Progress

Marlene Dumas’ physical layering of her work, as well as its meaning, with techniques such as
scratching, tearing, staining and working on both sides of the paper/canvas, have replenished
my own working methods. I am currently exploring some of these in my “Mandala” series
by sandwiching stained canvases and revealing parts by scratching and tearing them. Louise
Bourgeois’ hard/soft and lumpy/cavernous surfaces, and her use of latex in particular, are
options that I am investigating in my “Bucket” series as I intend to create fertile ground for
the “murkiest waters of the psyche” (Storr, 2001). This ties in with previous thoughts on
expressing Jung’s “collective unconscious’’ in my work and has led me to new avenues of

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